With hundreds of vehicles in the fleet market to choose from, selecting the best vehicles can sometimes be a daunting task. With access to the industry leading lifecycle cost data from Vincentric, you can make an informed purchase or lease decision with confidence, knowing that the data is up-to-date and covers both the most popular fleet vehicles as well as virtually all vehicle configurations sold in the U.S.

With these 3,000+ vehicle configurations updated each month, Dynamic Cost to Own: Fleet Edition will allow you to supplement any existing lifecycle cost data you or your fleet management company may have, or allow you to start with a clean slate and compare any vehicle configurations using a variety of lifecycle cost scenarios, helping to ensure the most accurate comparison possible.


Because you will have access to independently compiled lifecycle data, subscribing to Dynamic Cost to Own can:


  • help you finalize which vehicles to include in your vehicle recommendations, and enable you to justify those recommendations using this independently compiled data
  • help you negotiate with manufacturers or leasing companies using independently compiled data to justify better rates for your organization
  • provide answers to non-standard requests to finance departments or corporate accounting departments regarding the fleet costs within your department
  • Allow you to look at state by state costs to see how costs for specific vehicles will differ depending on where your drivers are located


Do you need to customize your lifecycle cost results? One of the favorite features of our subscriber base is the customization feature that allows you to estimate lifecycle costs based on your specific acquisition cost, fuel cost estimates, and many other aspects of lifecycle cost analysis.

Would you like to learn more?  Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.