As a publisher of automotive data, you know the need for quality, accuracy, and timeliness when compiling data.  With Vincentric as your supplier of automotive cost-of-ownership data, you are partnering with a company that focuses on the compilation and delivery of high-value, niche data to the automotive industry. 


This focus has enabled Vincentric to become the leading supplier of cost-of-ownership data to the industry, and a provider of other complementary automotive data to support client and industry needs.  We are structured to help you grow your business, allowing you to focus on building quality traffic while we provide the high value content.


As shown in the graphic below, Vincentric data can work for publishers in four main ways:



Vincentric data can be supplied using three different approaches:


  • Monthly data feed transmitted via our secure ftp site for easy loading into your site
  • Hosted data in which we transmit an XML feed to your server when a user requests content supplied by Vincentric
  • Hosted web pages in which your users are accessing web pages hosted by Vincentric but framed within your web site.


Our support includes:


  • A product team to support you as you launch Vincentric data on your site
  • A technical team to support and facilitate the integration of Vincentric data or hosted solutions into your site
  • A customer service team to manage the ongoing relationship between the organizations


Want to learn more?  Contact us and we can discuss how to best meet your automotive content needs.