Dynamic Cost to Own: Fleet Edition formats lifecycle cost details into easy to understand, insightful reports within seconds of user input. You can then download these reports as a PDF or Excel file and print the reports to share with clients or other members of your organization.


The Dynamic Cost to Own system can be applied to create Single Vehicle Reports, which include Total Cost of Ownership Details, as shown below. 



Other reports generated from a single vehicle analysis include:


  • Operating Cost Details
  • Fixed Cost Details
  • Depreciation Details
  • Owner Equity Analysis
  • Compare with Segment Avg. and Best in Class


The system also enables users to compare up to eight vehicles at once, with the option to customize lifecycle terms, annual driving distance, and eight ownership costs.  Vehicle comparison analyses create Text Based Comparisons and Text Based Advantages reports, which provide users with an easy to understand explanation of how the vehicles compare in key cost elements measured by Vincentric. Shown below is the Comparison Report that provides users with a side by side comparison of the vehicles' lifecycle costs.



The reports also include color formatted graphs to visually depict the ownerships costs, enabling users to easily understand how vehicles compare to one another. 



Contact us if you have any questions regarding these reports or the Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own system.


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Vincentric representatives are proud to be members of the NAFA Fleet Management Association. 


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