Vincentric provides up-to-date, flexible, and accurate automotive cost-of-ownership data that can support your CPO sales and marketing efforts in a variety of ways.


Starting with our Advertising Claims, we offer data-driven evidence to support the messaging strategy for your vehicles. This can be reinforced through our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Comparisons that can be displayed on your website to offer transparent, valuable information to potential buyers. Using our Strategic Support can help you understand the effects of modifying incentives, offering special finance rates, and short or long term maintenance programs so you can make decisions that positively impact both cost of ownership and the marketability of your vehicles. Our Listing Enhancement can add the supporting information you need to convince customers to visit the dealer to buy your vehicles. Finally, our Dealer Closing Tool enables you to support your dealers by helping to provide the leverage they need to sell more vehicles. 


Each of these capabilities can help support key goals of your organization:



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