To successfully compete in a highly competitive automotive marketplace, auto manufacturers must build products that meet consumer needs in form and function. Additionally, these vehicles must be delivered at an affordable price while also offering a competitive total-cost-of-ownership.  Only by analyzing cost-of-ownership during the planning process can manufacturers fully understand how to balance the competing goals of the marketplace and positively impact ownership costs. This advance planning will help manufacturers add a competitive edge and avoid being forced into reactionary marketing tactics after the vehicle launch.


The Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition was created to support success by guiding decisions during the planning process. This innovative system is available for the United States and Canada.




By licensing the Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition, you can:


  • Forecast total cost of ownership of future vehicles, helping to understand whether a vehicle will be below segment average, above segment average, stronger than a key competitor, and by how much.
  • Understand total-cost-of-ownership for the current product lineup and competitive models, understanding the key factors driving these results and applying them to the planning process
  • Assess your competitive position based on market parameters that you select.
  • Perform “what if” analyses… instantly at your desk (e.g. fuel costs, financing, msrp)
  • Perform Gap Analyses to identify feature/cost gaps that could potentially impact sales
  • Answer management, investor, or board inquiries quickly and easily with facts
  • Increase speed of decision making and product development
  • Collaborate with other departments, including engineering, manufacturing, marketing
  • Download the total cost of ownership results and import into other product planning tools
  • As you near launch, review alternative pricing scenarios to determine the impact on total cost of ownership


As a licensee of the Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition, numerous standard reports are available:


  • Single Vehicle Reports - If want to drill down to look at the details for a single vehicle, you can do so with the Total Lifecycle Costs Report,  Fixed Costs Report,  Operating Costs Report, and others.
  • Comparison Reports – The Vincentric Comparison Report can include multiple iterations of the same vehicle, your vehicle vs. a variety of competitive vehicles, or a combination of these options.
  • Best in Class Report – Identify which of your vehicles (or those of your competitors) are best in class for each of the eight cost components measured, as well as for various combinations of these costs and of course the overall Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Custom Reports – If you wish to design a custom report layout that provides results in a format that complements existing reports, we can integrate that report into our existing suite of reports for your unique use. 


Unsurpassed Flexibility –  The Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition  was built knowing that the flexibility to adjust plans based on changing economic conditions, consumer behavior, financial markets and other marketplace factors is needed.  As a result, users can adjust over 60 factors that go into calculating ownership costs or use the Vincentric default settings to adjust fuel prices, annual driving distances, finance rates, labor rates, ownership periods, depreciation, and many other items.


The end result enables groups performing automotive planning, pricing, and strategy to be better positioned to provide stringent planning, justify financing, secure resources and successfully launch products into the market.


Contact us to see a product demo and learn how this new and innovative tool can help provide the insight you need to support a rigorous and in-depth product planning process.


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