Vincentric Market Price data estimates the price paid over 25,000 new and used vehicle configurations in the United States. This data can provide guidance to consumers and dealers during the vehicle purchase process, valuable content to websites and software applications throughout the automotive industry, and enable OEMs and financial institutions to make informed decisions regarding vehicle pricing. The information is available at a variety of geographic-specific levels, with data in many cases drilling down as granular as the ZIP Code level.


Benefits of Vincentric Market Price Data

  • Improved Insights and Decisions
  • More accurate search results based on geographical location
  • Allows users to determine the excellent, good, average, high, and very high price.
  • Dealers can use independent, third-party data to show customers that pricing is fair.


To determine Vincentric Market Price, a variety of data elements are assessed, including:

  • Asking Price
  • Destination Charge (new vehicles only)
  • Invoice Price
  • MSRP


With this information in place, Vincentric applies a proprietary algorithm to estimate the typical price paid for each vehicle. The compilation process applies all selling data in a given geographic region and is normalized to adjust for vehicle configuration. A statistical evaluation of the data is then performed to determine the Excellent, Good, Average, High, and Very High Price thresholds.


The end result is a robust analysis process that produces data enabling consumers, dealers, OEMs, and others in the auto industry to easily understand the Vincentric Market Pricewhile also providing valuable marketplace knowledge.


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