ALTERNATIVE FUEL ANALYSES: There has been much debate over whether the premium price that alternative fuel vehicles often command can be financially justified. To help answer this question, Vincentric compares its cost of ownership data on these alternative fuel vehicles to their gasoline powered counterpart. 


 Electric Vehicle Analysis
(April 2024)


Hybrid Analysis

(November 2018)

Diesel Analysis

(August 2018)

INTERACTIVE ANALYSES: These analyses allow users to select specific vehicle segments, vehicle brands, and other user selected items to determine the cost of ownership  (or a cost of ownership cost component) based on these user-selected attributes. 


Ownership Costs by Segment

Users can dive into ownership  costs (e.g. fuel, insurance, depreciation) by state, model year, and segment. 

Vincentric Fees and Taxes Calculator 

Users are able to estimate the cost of fees and taxes for a new vehicle, based on personal (non-business) use.

SPECIAL STUDIES: Vincentric periodically applies its comprehensive and customizable cost-of-ownership technology to analyze automotive cost of ownership relevant to current events and marketplace trends. Unfortunately we do not have any up to date studies available, but we are hoping to update our analysis in the near future.


Law Enforcement Lifecycle Cost Analysis

(February, 2010)

Vincentric Driving Cost per Mile 

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