Vincentric Announces 2024 Best Fleet Value in America™ Awards:

Ford Maintains Top Honors, Toyota Shows Strength in Passenger Cars

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN – April 23rd, 2024 – The 19th annual Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America™ Awards were announced today with Ford earning eight awards, double the amount of any other brand. Toyota also had a strong performance with four winning models.


Ford continued to impress in this year’s awards by sweeping all four segments in the Truck category, and four of six segments in the Van category. The frontrunner for Ford’s F-series pickups was the F-150 Lightning, which carried on the legacy of its gasoline counterpart and brought home the F-150’s ninth overall win in the Full-Size 1/2-Ton Pickup segment. The F-350 XL had the lowest insurance costs in its class, which helped it earn its fifth win in a row for Full-Size 1-Ton Pickup, while the F-250 XL and Maverick XL triumphed for the second and third consecutive year, respectively. Ford’s Van winners included second consecutive wins for the T350 passenger van, and the T150 and T250 cargo vans. Finally, the E-Transit 350 conquered the Full-Size 1-Ton Cargo Van segment by having the lowest fuel, maintenance, and operating costs in its class.


Toyota claimed victory in three of four segments in the Passenger Car category. The Camry Hybrid LE won the Mid-Size segment for the third consecutive year, totaling an outstanding tenth overall win in the segment for the Camry. Additional winners for Toyota were the Corolla Hybrid LE with the lowest depreciation cost in its class, the Prius Prime SE with the lowest insurance cost in its class, and the Sienna LE with an impressive ninth-time win in the Minivan segment.


Other noteworthy winners included the Dodge Durango with its eighth consecutive win for Large SUV, helped by having the lowest operating costs in its class; the Subaru Crosstrek and Outback, which both earned their seventh triumph in their segments and were aided by having the lowest depreciation and insurance costs in their class; and the Infiniti QX60 Pure FWD, which had an impressive performance with the lowest fuel, repair, and depreciation costs in its class, leading it to the model’s fifth overall win for Luxury Large SUV.

Other brands with award winners were Audi, BMW, Cadillac, GMC, Hyundai, Mini, Tesla, and Volvo.

“For nearly twenty years, the Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America Awards have been providing guidance to professionals across the fleet industry,” said David Wurster, Vincentric President. “Our awards are data-driven and are based on current market conditions to help OEMs, fleet management companies, and fleet operators make informed decisions and manage costs.”


To determine the 2024 Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America™ Awards, Vincentric performed a cost of ownership analysis measuring over 3,000 vehicle configurations based on typical fleet use. Using eight different cost factors – depreciation, fees & taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs – each vehicle was evaluated in all 50 states plus D.C. using 28 different lifecycle scenarios. Winners were identified by determining which vehicles had the lowest fleet lifecycle cost in the most scenarios within its segment.




Vincentric provides data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry by identifying and applying the many aspects of automotive value. Vincentric, LLC is a privately held automotive data research organization headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Each month the organization measures cost of ownership, including depreciation, fees & taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost, and repairs, for over 75,000 vehicle configurations for vehicles from 2008-2024 model years in the US and 2010-2024 model years in Canada. Vincentric data is published on major websites and used by a wide variety of organizations, including Autoblog, Automotive Fleet Magazine, AAA, and many others. Vincentric data is available to users through a variety of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and SaaS (Software as a Service) tools, including the New Vehicle API, Used Vehicle API, Fleet Vehicle API, EV API, Cost of Leasing API, and Dynamic Cost to Own™.



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