Once per year Vincentric performs a cost of ownership analysis at the model level to determine Vincentric Best Value in America™ Awards. Vincentric measures cost-of-ownership using eight different cost factors: depreciation, fees & taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost and repairs. Using a statistical model, winners were identified by measuring which vehicles had lower than expected ownership costs given their market segment and price. Each vehicle was evaluated in all 50 states plus D.C. using a range of annual mileage intervals and insurance profiles. A full list of winners is shown below. 




  • Press Release – Read the full press release announcing the 2007 Vincentric Best Value in America Awards.



Compact, over $18,000 Honda Civic Hybrid
Compact, under $18,000 Honda Civic Sedan
Convertible, over $29,000 Chevrolet Corvette
Convertible, under $29,000 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Large Toyota Avalon
Luxury Lexus GS 450h
Mid-Size, over $23,000 Toyota Prius
Mid-Size, under $23,000 Toyota Prius
Near-Luxury Acura TL
Prestige Luxury Lexus LS 460L
Sports Car, over $41,000 Chevrolet Corvette
Sports Car, under $41,000 BMW Z4
Subcompact, over $17,000 Honda Civic Coupe
Subcompact, under $17,000 Toyota Yaris
Wagon, over $23,000 BMW 5 Series Sports Wagon
Wagon, under $23,000 Toyota Matrix
Crossover, over $29,000 Infiniti FX45
Crossover, under $29,000 Saturn VUE Green Line
Compact SUV, over $23,000 Honda CR-V
Compact SUV, under $23,000 Honda CR-V
Mid-Size SUV, over $30,000 Honda Pilot
Mid-Size SUV, under $30,000 Honda Pilot
Large SUV, over $42,000 Infiniti QX56
Large SUV, under $42,000 Nissan Armada
Compact Pickup, 2WD Toyota Tacoma
Compact Pickup, 4WD Toyota Tacoma 
Full Size Pickup, 2WD GMC Sierra 1500
Full Size Pickup, 4WD Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Heavy Duty ¾ Ton Pickup, 2WD Ford F-250
Heavy Duty ¾ Ton Pickup, 4WD Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD
Heavy Duty 1 Ton Pickup, 2WD Ford F-350
Heavy Duty 1 Ton Pickup, 4WD Chevrolet Silverado 3500
Full Size Passenger Van GMC Savana 1500
Minivan, over $27,000 Honda Odyssey
Minivan, under $27,000 Honda Odyssey



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