Are you looking to close more sales?  Find ways to combat number-crunching buyers who show up with web site printouts?  Dynamic Cost to Own™ is the technologythat can help move customer conversations from price-focused to value-focused. 


Our research has found that although two cars may have the same purchase price, one of them can have significantly lower ownership costs.  Your sales team can use this fact to your advantage, by showing buyers the benefits identified in the independent research conducted by Vincentric, helping you to hold the line on your price.


There are numerous reports that you can access with your Dynamic Cost to Own subscription, each providing a unique perspective on your vehicle.  The Comparison Report is especially effective in showing the cost benefits of your vehicle, and gets the buyer looking at the big picture rather than solely on price.


Below is an example of the Vincentric Text Based Advantages Report. 




Would you like to know more?  Contact us and we would be happy to spend some time discussing how this system can help you.