Vincentric Announces Availability of Canadian

Used Vehicle Cost of Ownership Data


BINGHAM FARMS, MI – JANUARY 17, 2019 – Vincentric, the leading provider of cost-of-ownership data to the auto industry, announced the release of Canadian Used Vehicle cost of ownership data today. This data consists of over 20,000 used vehicle configurations, creating a database of over 25,000 Canadian vehicles available for analysis when combined with new vehicle data. The Vincentric database tracks eight costs for each vehicle including depreciation, fees & taxes, finance, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity costs, and repairs.


When combined with the Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own technology, the launch of this used vehicle data allows users to determine future ownership costs for used vehicles, with the ability to customize results based on the current odometer reading of the vehicle, annual driving distance, and ownership timeframe. This insight can help fleet operators determine when to remarket a vehicle, help consumers understand future ownership costs of their current vehicle, while also providing web publishers a unique way to compare vehicles listings based on the cost-to-own per kilometer.


“The addition of used vehicle data in Canada gives our customers a more powerful solution for the Canadian automotive market,” said Vincentric President, David Wurster. “The capability to understand future costs based on the current odometer reading allows the ability to make informed decisions related to the most cost-effective time to buy or sell a vehicle. In addition, users can customize national results to reflect costs in all 10 provinces plus the Northwest Territories.”


Vincentric data can be delivered using a variety of methods including the Vincentric Web Service delivery system, batch processing, and text file delivery.


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