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Vincentric Releases Schedule For Best Value in America Finalists

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan – April 13, 2005 - Vincentric, LLC, a leading automotive data compilation and analysis firm, today announced that the 2005 model year finalists for Vincentric’s Best Value in AmericaTM awards will be released on Wednesday, April 20.

Using data from a variety of public, private, and self-compiled sources, Vincentric studied almost 7,000 vehicle configurations for the 2005 model year at the national and state levels to calculate over 350,000 ownership cost results. With each of these results containing eight different cost categories, Vincentric will have analyzed almost 3,000,000 cost components to rate each vehicle and determine the Best Value in America awards.

Vincentric’s Value Ratings will allow consumers, dealers, and manufacturers the ability to identify whether the ownership and operating costs for a specific vehicle are significantly higher or lower than should be expected for a vehicle at that price point. “Whether consumers are looking at sub-compacts or luxury cars, they still want value for their investment”, commented David Wurster, co-founder and President of Vincentric. “Our data will allow users to compare vehicles within each market segment to better understand which vehicles are overpriced and which vehicles provide an excellent value,” he added.

In addition to determining the typical market price of each vehicle, the Vincentric cost calculations include Depreciation, Fuel, Insurance, Financing, State Fees & Taxes, Maintenance, and Repairs. A new approach taken by Vincentric is to include the “Opportunity Cost” of buying a new car. In other words, if a consumer spends $10,000 more on one vehicle vs. another, the consumer loses the opportunity to earn interest income on that $10,000. That “lost interest” is included in the Vincentric cost calculations.

When Vincentric’s Best Value in AmericaTM finalists are released on April 20, Vincentric will also provide the schedule for announcing winners of Vincentric’s Best Value in AmericaTM awards.

About Vincentric:
Vincentric provides data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry by identifying and applying the many aspects of automotive value. Using its comprehensive, proprietary cost-of-ownership database, the company measures and analyzes the overall cost of owning and operating vehicles and its effect on the value provided to consumers. Vincentric, LLC, is a privately held automotive data compilation and analysis firm headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  For more information, visit the Vincentric web site at or call 248-430-4121.

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Dave Freed
Vincentric, LLC