Vincentric Releases Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition



Vincentric Releases Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition


BINGHAM FARMS, Michigan –  May 2nd, 2012 – Vincentric, the leading provider of cost-of-ownership data to the auto industry, announced today an innovative product planning application for its Dynamic Cost to Own lifecycle costing tool. The new Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition enables automotive product planners to incorporate cost-of-ownership forecasts during the planning process, thereby providing the ability to manage and reduce vehicle ownership costs prior to the vehicle launch.


A key feature of Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition is the ability to estimate ownership costs for future vehicles, enabling auto manufacturers to analyze the impact various planning decisions have on consumer costs. Examples include comparing ownership costs using different fuel prices, finance rates, free maintenance programs and pricing alternatives. In addition to managing ownership costs for the vehicle in development, users can also compare ownership costs against key competitive future products.


"We built this application to provide product planners the flexibility needed to understand the impact changing product components, economic conditions, consumer behavior, financial markets and other marketplace factors have on future vehicles' ownership costs," stated David Wurster, President of Vincentric. "As a result, product planners are better positioned to provide stringent, detailed product plans, justify internal financing, secure necessary resources, collaborate with engineering groups and other colleagues, and successfully launch products into the market."


The Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own technology measures eight cost elements including depreciation, fuel, insurance, financing, repairs, fees/taxes, maintenance, and opportunity costs, with results available at the national or state level. Vincentric also uses this information to create monthly ownership cost results for over 2,000 vehicle configurations per model year for new and used vehicles in the United States and Canada.


Further information regarding Dynamic Cost to Own: Product Planning Edition and the benefits of this innovative tool is available at or by contacting Dave Freed, Managing Partner of Vincentric, at (952)-891-1054 or




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