Hybrids Dominate Vincentric’s Best Value in America Awards


BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan – January 17, 2006 – Vincentric’s Best Value in America™ awards were announced today, with hybrid vehicles leading the way. The Toyota Prius, along with the hybrid versions of the Ford Escape, the Honda Civic, and the Toyota Highlander each won the Best Value in America™ award in their segment. Other hybrids receiving Excellent Value ratings are the Mercury Mariner hybrid, the Lexus RX 400h, and the Honda Insight.

To determine Vincentric’s Best Value in America™, Vincentric analyzed over 1,800 different vehicle configurations and computed the cost to own and operate each vehicle. Eight different cost factors were calculated to determine overall Cost of Ownership: depreciation, fuel, insurance, opportunity cost, financing, maintenance, taxes and state fees, and repairs.

Using a statistical model, the company identified the Best Value in America™ by measuring which vehicles have a lower than expected ownership cost given their market segment and price. The strong value of hybrids was clear when both a hybrid and non-hybrid version of the same vehicle were compared to other vehicles in the same segments. In those instances, the hybrid version had ownership costs that averaged 16.2% lower than a similarly priced competitor, while the non-hybrid version had ownership costs 7.9% lower.

“Hybrids benefited from three main factors”, stated David Wurster, President of Vincentric. “First was their strong fuel economy ratings, resulting in lower fuel costs for these vehicles. Second was their strong residual values due to high demand, resulting in lower depreciation costs. And third was the federal tax credit that went into effect this year. This combination of factors creates extremely strong value for consumers.”

Including the Prius and Highlander hybrid, Toyota had eleven Best Value in America™ awards, with Honda also faring well with six winners.

In addition to the annual Best Value in America™ awards, Vincentric compiles updated results each month to incorporate current fuel prices, manufacturer rebates and incentives, interest rates and residual values.

The categories and the winners of Vincentric’s Best Value in America™ for the 2006 model year are listed below.




Compact, over $17,000 Honda Civic Hybrid
Compact, under $17,000 Honda Civic (non-hybrid)
Convertible, over $39,000 Chevrolet Corvette
Convertible, under $39,000 Toyota Camry Solara
Crossover, over $28,000 Nissan Murano
Crossover, under $28,000 Nissan Murano
Large Toyota Avalon
Luxury Lexus LS 430
Mid-Size, over $23,000 Honda Accord
Mid-Size, under $23,000 Toyota Prius
Near Luxury Acura TL
Sports Car, over $37,500 Chevrolet Corvette
Sports Car, under $37,500 Acura RSX
Subcompact Scion xB
Wagon, over $24,500 Volvo V70
Wagon, under $24,500 Toyota Matrix

Sport Utility Vehicles:

Compact SUV, over $22,500 Ford Escape Hybrid
Compact SUV, under $22,500 Honda CR-V
Large SUV, over $40,500 Lexus GX 470
Large SUV, under $40,500 Toyota Sequoia SR5
Mid-Size SUV, over $30,000 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Mid-Size SUV, under $30,000 Toyota Highlander

Pickup Trucks:

Compact Pickup, 2WD Toyota Tacoma
Compact Pickup, 4WD Toyota Tacoma
 Full Size Pickup, 2WD Toyota Tundra
 Full Size Pickup, 4WD Toyota Tundra 
 Heavy Duty ¾ Ton Pickup, 2WD Dodge Ram 2500
 Heavy Duty ¾ Ton Pickup, 4WD Dodge Ram 2500 
 Heavy Duty 1 Ton Pickup, 2WD Ford F-350 
 Heavy Duty 1 Ton Pickup, 4WD  Ford F-350


 Full Size Passenger Van Dodge Sprinter Wagon
 Minivan, over $27,000 Honda Odyssey 
 Minivan, under $27,000 Honda Odyssey 




Dave Freed
Vincentric, LLC