Chevrolet Sonic has Lowest Cost-of-Ownership of Vehicles Advertised During the Super Bowl


BINGHAM FARMS, Michigan –  February 9th, 2012 – There is a significant marketing buzz around automotive advertising during the Super Bowl, but the focus is typically on the enjoyment of the commercials rather than on the vehicles themselves. Vincentric, the leading provider of cost-of-ownership data to the auto industry, took a different approach and released a study today analyzing the total cost-of-ownership for all 22 vehicles advertised during the game. 


The results showed that the lowest cost-of-ownership of those advertised vehicles was the Chevrolet Sonic LS, with an estimated 41.9 cents per mile to own, while the Fiat 500 was close behind at only 43.8 cents per mile. Other highlights of the study showed:


  • Of vehicles not yet released, the Acura NSX Supercar was estimated to have the highest cost-of-ownership at $1.69 per mile, about four times higher than the Sonic. Of course even at that price, folks like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld can afford it.


  • The vehicle not yet in production with the lowest ownership cost was the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, with a total cost-of-ownership at 43.9 cents per mile. 


  • The average cost per mile for all vehicles advertised during the game was 71.9 cents per mile vs. an average of all vehicles of 70.2 cents, showing that the advertised vehicles were a good cross-section of vehicles in the market.  


The study was derived using the Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own technology, which has the capability to measure cost-of-ownership for over 2,000 vehicle configurations per model year. This comprehensive lifecycle tool also enables users to estimate ownership costs for both existing production vehicles, vehicles not yet in production, and used vehicles as well.  Vincentric uses eight cost elements to determine ownership costs, including depreciation, financing, fees and taxes, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost and repairs.


“We’re excited to apply our comprehensive and customizable cost-of-ownership technology to create special studies like this,” stated David Wurster, President of Vincentric. “Although it is fun to look at the lowest cost-to-own, it is important to be aware that the lowest ownership cost isn’t necessarily the best value, which is why we also assign a value rating to every vehicle we measure," he added.  


Vincentric's TCO Analysis of the 22 vehicles advertised during the Super Bowl is available at For more information regarding this and other industry reports, contact Jillian Cooper, Marketing Coordinator, at (248)-430-4121 ext 107 or




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Dave Freed
Vincentric, LLC