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Vincentric Announces Online Fleet Lifecycle Costing Tool

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan – August 16, 2005 – Vincentric, a leading automotive data compilation and analysis firm, is now offering Vinbase Online for Fleets™, an internet based tool for fleet lifecycle costing. The system grants users access to a comprehensive database of automotive lifecycle costs on over 1,900 mass produced Passenger Cars, SUVs, Passenger and Cargo Vans, and Pickup Trucks.

Fleet-specific lifecycle costs can be determined using national or state-specific calculations, with the flexibility to choose results based on annual mileage of 20, 25, or 30 thousand miles and ownership timeframes of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. The cost components measured by Vincentric include depreciation, fuel, insurance, opportunity cost, financing, maintenance, state fees & taxes, and repairs. 

This flexibility gives users the ability to meet their specific lifecycle costing needs. “Whether you manage a large or small fleet, are a dealership Fleet Manager, or represent an OEM, we’ve developed the data and online tool to meet your needs,” said David Wurster, Co-founder and President of Vincentric. “In addition, we update our data monthly to take into account marketplace changes related to fuel prices, interest rates, residual values, and other dynamic components that impact fleet costs,” he added. 

There are three versions of Vinbase Online for Fleets:

Standard Version: Includes data for one state, one annual mileage category (20,000, 25,000 or 30,000) of your choice, one lifecycle period (24 months, 36 months, 48 months, or 60 months) of your choice, all vehicle reports, and all comparison reports.

Standard Plus Version: Includes data for one state, all annual mileage categories (20,000, 25,000 and 30,000), all lifecycle periods (24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months), all vehicle reports, and all comparison reports.

Professional Version: Includes data for all states (plus DC), US data, all annual mileage categories (20,000, 25,000 and 30,000) all lifecycle periods (24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months), all vehicle reports, and all comparison reports.

The foundation for each version of Vinbase Online for Fleets is the calculation of the Vincentric Fleet Price. Using published manufacturer fleet incentives, this approach allows Vincentric to estimate a fleet transaction price for each vehicle, resulting in more accurate depreciation costs than other approaches to automotive lifecycle costing. Additional features of the system include the ability to compare results for up to four vehicles at a time, and the ability to breakout fixed costs, operating costs, and the specific cost components used to derive these totals. Users of the Standard Plus and Professional versions enjoy the benefit of the unique Advantage Analysis, which provides easy-to-understand text listing the lifecycle cost advantages for any vehicle compared to up to three other vehicles.

In addition to accessing the Vincentric data online, organizations can license data extracts from Vincentric to import into existing data analysis software or other in-house data analysis tools. This allows fleet management companies to enhance existing lifecycle cost information to cover the full spectrum of vehicles available in the marketplace and provide their clients with up-to-date information to support more informed decision making.

For information on Vincentric’s newest online data access tool, Vinbase Online for Fleets, and other services offered by Vincentric, visit 

Vincentric provides data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry by identifying and applying the many aspects of automotive value. Using Vinbase™, its comprehensive, proprietary cost-of-ownership database, the company measures and analyzes the overall cost of owning and operating vehicles and its effect on the value provided to buyers. Vincentric, LLC, is a privately held automotive data compilation and analysis firm headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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Dave Freed
Vincentric, LLC