Toyota, Volvo, and GMC Score Top Honors With Vincentric's Best Value in America Awards


BINGHAM FARMS, Michigan – March 1, 2011 – Vincentric’s 7th annual Best Value in America awards were released today, with Toyota, Volvo, and GMC winning the inaugural brand value awards for Passenger Cars, Luxury Vehicles, and Trucks respectively. A revived Chevrolet also performed strongly, buoyed by its new Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Volt, while Audi performed strongly in the premium segments with three awards.  Other brands with multiple winners were Honda, Lincoln, Infiniti, and Ford.


“Vincentric’s 2011 Best Value in America awards use cost-of-ownership to provide an independent benchmark that helps consumers understand which vehicles provide the best value in their segment,” commented David Wurster, President of Vincentric.  “This year’s results show strong performance from manufacturers that measure and proactively manage the key factors impacting cost-of-ownership.  When residual values, scheduled maintenance intervals, parts costs, and other factors impacting ownership costs are understood, value can be built into the vehicle upfront, minimizing the need to discount later at the point of sale.”


Vincentric measures cost-of-ownership using eight different cost factors: depreciation, fuel, insurance, opportunity cost, financing, maintenance, taxes and state fees, and repairs.  Using a statistical model, the company identified its Best Value in America winners by measuring which vehicles had a lower than expected ownership costs given their market segment and price.  Each vehicle was evaluated in all 50 states plus DC using a range of annual mileage intervals and insurance profiles.


New for 2011 was the Eco segment, in which Vincentric’s process for measuring electric vehicle ownership costs was incorporated into the value measurement for the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.  

Further information regarding all of the winners of Vincentric’s Best Value in America™ awards for the 2011 model year and Vincentric’s methodology is available at www.vincentric.com.




Vincentric provides data, knowledge, and insight to the automotive industry by identifying and applying the many aspects of automotive value.  Vincentric data is used by organizations such as Yahoo! Autos, AOL, Cars.com, Chevrolet, Toyota, Kiplinger.com, AutoTrader, Business Fleet Magazine, Volvo, NADA Guides, The AutoChannel.com and Fleet-Central.com as a means of providing automotive insight to their clientele.  Vincentric, LLC is a privately held automotive data compilation and analysis firm headquartered in Bingham Farms, Michigan.


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Dave Freed
Vincentric, LLC