General Motors Shows Strength with Ten Vehicles Earning Vincentric’s Best Value in America awards 



BINGHAM FARMS, Michigan - March 30, 2009 -  With today’s announcement of the 5th annual Vincentric Best Value in America™ awards, General Motors showed product strength across the board as ten of its vehicles earned Vincentric’s top honors.   BMW and Toyota also had strong showings, with each brand taking home six of Vincentric’s Best Value in America awards. 


Although a variety of new vehicles were launched with the 2009 model year, two of them showed value right out of the gate, with the Toyota Venza and Volkswagen Routan earning awards their first year in the market.  There were also two familiar faces within the winners’ circle, as the Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Civic were both awarded Vincentric’s Best Value in America awards for the fifth year in a row. 


“Because our awards take into account all costs involved with owning a vehicle, they enable buyers to measure automotive value using a level playing field,” commented David Wurster, President of Vincentric. “By determining value using all ownership costs – and not just a one or two costs such as fuel or monthly payments – buyers can truly understand the impact owning a specific vehicle will have on their financial situation.”


Vincentric measures cost-of-ownership using eight different cost factors: depreciation, fuel, insurance, opportunity cost, financing, maintenance, taxes and state fees, and repairs.  Using a statistical model, the company identified the Best Value in America™ by measuring which vehicles have a lower than expected ownership cost given their market segment and price.  Each vehicle was evaluated in all 50 states plus DC using a range of annual mileage intervals and insurance profiles.

The categories and the winners of Vincentric’s Best Value in America™ for the 2009 model year are listed below.  In addition, a synopsis showing detailed ownership costs for each winner is available at



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